Qingdao Kaishuo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, and it is one of the main enterprises that has risen rapidly and has grown in recent years among industrial enterprises in Qingdao. After only a few years of development, the company has developed into a professional manufacturer of shuttle less looms integrating manufacturing, sales and service. It is currently the largest domestic manufacturer of shuttle less looms. The company's main water jet loom air jet loom, net weave loom, plastic knitting machine series, non-woven machinery, woodworking machinery series of hundreds of products, according to market demand, constantly develop technological innovation products, get the recognition and high evaluation of our customers. The company's products sell well all over the country and are exported to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa and other countries and regions. We Have applied for more than 100 patents, including 40 invention patents and more than 60 utility model patents. We won the honors of "China Famous Brand", "Star Enterprise in Shandong Province", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Qingdao Municipal Enterprise Technology Center", "Qingdao Clean Production Demonstration Enterprise" and other honors.
Always insist on technological R&D and innovation
Since the company was established more than ten years ago, Kaishuo has always adhered to the strategic thinking of "continuous technological innovation, steady quality improvement, and service excellence". The technological innovation strategy adheres to market-leading, with patent application and new product development and innovation incentive mechanisms as the core content. It is the basic purpose to reflect the uniqueness and relative advantages of products in two aspects of product technology innovation and product professionalism, and the fundamental purpose is to share benefits with customers.
Due to the differences in weaving materials, some customers always require changes to individual components of water jet loom. This requires us to design and develop according to customer requirements. On the premise of ensuring the best interests of customers, we should keep the design of product standard parts as homogeneous as possible, standardization. In the research and development, we used the PDM design template system. This system can allow design developers to share resources, save new product development time, and is conducive to the unification of parts standards. After using this PDM design template system, the R&D speed of the technology centerGreatly improved, which is of great significance for energy saving.
Pay attention to team building and quality control
In order to build a team and do well in the guiding ideology of an industry, Kaishuo focuses on the formation of a team, cultivates team spirit and team cohesion, implements the company's business ideas and concepts as a team, and establishes a stable and efficient business mechanism and management team In order to achieve the company's sustained, rapid and healthy development . social insurances are paid to each employee to relieve each employee's life, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.
Product quality is fundamental to the survival of the company. The company attaches great importance to it. The quality consciousness starts from ordinary employees and puts forward the concept of 'being a man before doing things, combining three products into one', that is, character, product, factory product, and implementation of high-quality products. It is the quality concept made by excellent talents, and it will resolutely eliminate the quality defects caused by human factors. The company has formulated quality management documents, perfected the quality management operation system, and systematically ensured the continuity and scientificity of quality management. Every process is the inspection process from the entry of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished products. The production report of the team and the quality supervision report are combined into one, so that each component is not missed, and the unqualified products are resolutely not out of the factory.
Continuously improve the enterprise system
For enterprise management to improve the grade, the system must go first. Based on market demand and its own development, the company has perfected and formulated a series of rules and regulations to ensure the company's further development. As various rules and regulations have sound management content, there are clear management systems for new product development, R&D project establishment, R&D job setting, R&D project evaluation and incentive mechanism, patent management system, salary standards, and management of R&D expenditure accounting. The company is based on the prospective development of the enterprise, and establishes and improves a new technology research and development innovation mechanism, forming a comprehensive system based on the project or subject responsibility system, taking patent declaration and new product development as the evaluation standard, and taking market sales revenue as the evaluation basisIncentive mechanism to give full play to the wisdom and talents of R&D technicians. It also firmly grasped the main theme of the market and established an efficient, sustainable, healthy and stable innovation system and R&D team.
Through a sound management system and incentive mechanism, R&D personnel are encouraged to apply technological innovation requirements, provide high-level technical services for company management and after-sales service, and enhance the company's competitive strength. Encourage R&D personnel to develop and reserve new products, new processes and new designs through market research.
Create a good corporate culture
The company has accumulated deep cultural heritage for more than ten years since its establishment, but it is faced with new situations, new tasks, new opportunities and new challenges. If it is to win in the fierce market competition, the company will be bigger and stronger to achieveThe leap-forward development of enterprises must establish the concepts of "managing enterprises with culture" and "creating enterprises with culture". In order to further promote the company's corporate culture, establish a positive image of the company, enhance the sense of belonging of the employees, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company's corporate culture, Kaishuo established a cultural construction team to be responsible for the promotion of corporate culture and the creation of internal company publications. At the same time, Kaishuo set up corresponding signs and slogans in each area of the factory, workshop and office, so as to penetrate the various concepts of the enterprise into the hearts of employees and improve their sense of belonging.
With the continuous improvement of enterprise efficiency, we also attach great importance to the needs of employees in other aspects and regularly carry out various activities. While participating, employees not only receive prizes but also reap the happiness of being part of the team. In addition, the management staff of Jiashuo will communicate with employees on a regular basis, carefully listen to the voices of employees, understand the needs of employees, listen to the suggestions of employees, and truly achieve the interactive work between employees and management personnel, so that the corporate thinking and employee ideasUnblocked.
In order to improve the working and living conditions of employees, Kaishuo invested heavily in the transformation of the workshop to ensure the health of employees; at the same time, we also opened up rest and activity areas, and organized various competitions in our spare time to make employees doComfortable.
Establishing trade unions to protect the rights and interests of employees
In recent years, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the number of enterprises has continued to increase and the scale of enterprises has continued to expand, which has beneficially promoted the development of social economy. While bringing huge economic benefits to society, major changes have taken place in the direction of the workforce, the composition of the workforce, socio-economic relations, and labor relations, creating a large number of migrant workers and business workers.Mobilize and give full play to their enthusiasm and innovation, and maintain and develop their overall interests.
Therefore, Jiashuo actively responded to the government's policies, guided by the important ideas of the scientific development concept, and fulfilled its dual role and dual mission function, and established Qingdao Kaishuo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. to better coordinate and stabilize labor relations. The lawful rights and interests of the workers and the masses were safeguarded in all directions.
The establishment of the Kaishuo Trade Union not only helps protect the rights and interests of employees and increases the enthusiasm of employees, but also help to create more harmonious corporate culture, so that under the correct guidance of the enterprise union, the employees of kaishuo can truly be loyal to the factory Department, benefit for the factory, take care factory benefit , and share the honor and disgrace with the factory. In this way, Kaishuo Trade Union will play its due role and contribution in the new period, create more wealth for the enterprise, and thus promote the development of the enterprise.
Actively participate in social welfare undertakings
It is the responsibility and need of enterprises to participate in social welfare undertakings. Our company realized that the participation of enterprises in public welfare is not only a responsibility, but also a requirement for development. The fulfillment of corporate social responsibility will not only drag down the enterprise, but will also make the enterprise operate better. It can be said that fulfilling social responsibilities has become one of the operating elements of an enterprise. Enterprises participate in helping the poor and the needy, so that the poor or unsuccessful have better conditions and opportunities to participate in new competition, which can promote social fairness and harmony, and social harmony and stability is the basic premise of enterprise development.
In 2015, we learned that a family in Xing Village, Henan had difficulties. After understanding the family situation in detail, we decided to donate 20,000 yuan as a relief to the family, and at the same time purchase all kinds of daily necessities to help and show the love.
Helping students in difficulty through "micro-donations" is also one of the public welfare activities carried out by Kaishuo Technology. In recent years, while focusing on its own development, the company has actively engaged in public welfare undertakings and carried social responsibility on its shoulders. The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the support of the society. Supporting public welfare is a return to the society, a responsibility of the enterprise, and a responsibility to the country and society.340cm Water Jet Loom

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